Namekagon River – Big Bend Landing to Namekagon River Visitor Center (7.7 miles)

I have written about parts of this section before; I did more of the river this time and will write about the whole section again. It is the most traveled section of the river, with a few outfitters along the way that rent both canoes and tubes.

The river winds through forest with a few campsites along the way that I plan to use in the future. This section isn’t very challenging but does have some riffles as you first near Highway 63. After the riffles, the river gets very sandy through lowlands and winds around smal islands/ sandbars.  The banks get higher after this area, for the ‘typical’ Namekagon feel.  You might be anle to see the Trego Nature Trail on the right bank, towards the end of the trip.

Along the way, we saw rd pine, jack pine, white pine, ash, whit birch, red maple, northern pin oak, white oak and tag alder. We didn’t see a whole lot of wildlife, but did encounter multiple merganser families!


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